Bigger Bombings Planned in Adamawa!

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Like the bomb attack in Suleja, Niger State, six churches were also targeted in Adamawa State. Fortunately the police were tipped about the bombs, which were reportedly timed to go off about 10:30, the peak of Christmas morning services.

The intelligence received was not specific, thus police officers were dispatched to several churches where they began to comb for explosives. While searching the churches, explosives were discovered and diffused by the bomb squad, potentially saving many lives

The six bombs were planted by Boko Haram in Mubi, a Fulani Emirate. While all the Mubi church bombs were safely detonated by the police, there was an explosion at a hotel which injured one lady.

It is safe to say that the timing, quantities and locations of the church bombs in Mubi would have claimed more souls than the Suleja, attacks.

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