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The governor of Plateau State, Dah Jonah Jang has proposed a vision for developing agriculture into a self-sustaining economy, which he encapsulated in a 10-point agenda centered on mechanized equipment, water resources and rural development.

This program began in 2008 when Jang signed a joint venture agreement with SEC Equipment and Communication, an Israeli Company specializing in agricultural development. The venture aims to establish Agricultural Services and Training Centers (ASTC), which will increase agricultural productivity by providing diverse field services and technical training of staff and farmers.

Comprehensive farm centers are slated to be established in the three senatorial districts of Kassa, Vom Northern Zone; Mangu, Central Zone; and Shendam, Southern Zone, where each ASTC will provide mechanized agricultural services and farm inputs, such as tractors and fertilizers.

By using advanced agricultural technology, the department strives to encourage market driven production. Seminars are also to be conducted to inform participants of the benefits of modernized agriculture available through the ASTC.

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