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A TMV Editorial

The recent move by the Nigerian Central Bank to invest the country into the International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation (IILM) is yet another evidence that Lamido Sanusi is nothing but a diplomatic Islamist. You should recall, Sanusi also attempted to introduce Shariah Banking to Nigeria earlier this year.

What continues to fascinate many non-Muslims is the silence from Christians and secularists in the Nigerian government. While Islamic nations might feel endowed with the right to invest their countries in religious schemes, it is TMV’s belief that the Nigerian government has no right to favor one group of people over another because Nigeria is not an all-Islamic nation.

But Islam remains the only religion which global institutions continue to give an unfair advantage. This advantage is born out of the fact that global institutions have accepted the marriage between Islam and nations, thus allowing them to conduct business with the UN and other world entities. On the other hand, there are no leagues of Christian, secular, Buddhist, or Hindu nations conducting business with the UN and other global institutions.

Every educated and democratic-loving individual alive must fight this bias and unfair advantage handed to Islam, especially when it attempts to use the resources of a nation whose citizens are not all Muslims.

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