A Follow Up To Our First Article on Education

Posted on November 30, 2011 - No comments

By Daniel Mills

Read the article titled “Nigerian Schools in Plateau State” here.

In a follow up to our first report on education titled, “Nigerian Schools in Plateau State”, we mentioned that we received a cold response from Plateau State Government. We also explained that our goal is not to antagonize the government and that we are committed to providing honest reporting so that the state would better serve its citizens.

Since then, an aid with the government contacted us requesting to know the location of the school featured in the photograph in the article. He then commented that we had the right to fairly report on matters in the state. When we called him to see if he verified our report, he informed us that our findings in the article were accurate.

We think it is important to make this note because our original article on education caused friction between the Plateau State government and TMV. We hope that their investigation of our reporting has confirmed that TMV would report fairly and that there would be no further friction. We are also pursuing an interview with the Commissioner of Education to inform our readers about the state’s initiative on education.

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