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A TMV Editorial

The barrage of bombs dropped on Nigerian Christians on Christmas Day, December 25, 2011 was clearly designed to insight fear and subdue the nation to the political will of the Hausa North. Instead of aiding the Hausa effort to dominate Nigeria, however, the perpetrators are simply bombing Nigeria apart from the North.

Even before the Christmas mass bombings, Nigerians had been growing weary of their forced marriage to the Hausa North, whose leadership has openly endorsed war as the means for achieving its Islamic goals.  As Nigerian Christians are now  calling on their parishioners to defend themselves, armed conflict is very likely and Nigeria will not survive it intact.

This modern Jihad, which was openly founded and funded by former governor Sani and his colleagues, has now conceivably passed a threshold of no return. Even some lay Hausa natives are beginning to understand how their leadership has bitten more than it can chew.  According to a Hausa native who posted a comment on Sahara Reporters news site, “Buhari and others will soon regret their action because soon the country will be divided.”

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