Kano Muslims Pay Solidarity Visit

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By AbdulSalam Muhammad, Kano

KANO – Sequel to conscious effort to bridge the gap between followers of Nigerian two top religion, Concerned Muslims in Kano made history Sunday in the ancient city when the y paid a solidarity visit to Christians in their various places worship.

The visit, the first of its kind in recent Kano history took the Muslims through five denominations of the Christian faith, that includes, Our Lady Of Fatima, ECWA (Hausa service), Baptist Church, Cherubim and Seraphim, and Calvary Life Assembly all located within Sabon Gari area of the municipality.

The solidarity came on the backdrop of move by the Group to douse the content of SMS circulated among Christian faithful by yet to identified individuals or Group warning them of a Jihad to wipe them from the city.

Led by a former National President of PENGASSAN, Bashir Is’haq Bashir in company of Chairman, local chapter of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Reverend Ransom Bello assured the Christian Community of Muslim Brothers support all the time and more especially now that the Nation is experiencing serious security challenges.

His words “we are here to deliver a message, a message of peace, a message of hope, a message of peace, a message of solidarity that all Muslims all over Kano are with you, that they are not a source of threat to you but a source of security and in them you have a dependable ally”.

Bashir Is’haq Bashir stated that both faith must downplay our differences and emphasis such factors that bind us together, adding that ‘we must desist from rumour and spreading of falsehood in the collective interest of all.

The former PENAGASSAN activist tasked the follower of both faith from judging the two religion from the action of deviants, stressing that suspicion breed mistrust and mistrust make us drift apart.

He stressed that Muslims and Christian in Nigeria must unite to put all the evil forces that are pulling us apart to shame, quoting a verse in the Quran that says “I have made you Nations and tribe so that you may appreciate one another , and the best among you in the sight of Allah is he who is best in conduct”.

Is’haq Bashir declared that going by several teaching of Quran and saying of the Prophet of Islam enjoin Muslim to accept Jesus as Prophet of Islam and accord him the necessary respect whenever his name is mention.

The leader of the Concerned Muslim Brothers who addressed Christian faithful; amidst thunderous applause and shout of Hallelujah tasked both faith to unite and fight corruption, bad Governance, stressing that Muslims and Christian should be their brothers keepers to the Nation to achieve greatness.

According to Is’haq Bashir “we must tell Muhammad the child to be compassionate to Emanuel the child and enjoin Emanuel the grown up to take Muhammad as the best man in his wedding day, so that when they grow up they will not be burdened with the excess luggage that we have been carrying this long”’.

In his response, the CAN local Chairman, Bishop Ransom Bello described the visit to Churches of Concerned Muslim Brothers in Kano as beginning of new era, adding that “its sign of positive thing come while expressing confidence it would go along way to put the state on permanent religious harmony.

Ransom Bello explain that the ‘gesture will certainly open up a new charter in the history of Kano and peaceful coexistence, maintain the need to expand the frontiers in the interest of lasting peace.

Prayers were offered by various Church leaders for continued peace in Kano in particular and the Nation in general, while they enjoin their flock to pass the message to those who were not privileged to host the visitors.

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