Nigeria Ignores Warnings about Boko Haram

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The federal government dismissed warnings from the United States Embassy concerning the likelihood of Boko Haram striking major hotels in Abuja.

The US Embassy in Nigeria issued an emergency travel warning specifying Transcorp Hilton, Sheraton and Nicon Luxury hotels in Abuja as likely targets that may come under Boko Haram’s attack during the Sallah break. Its reasons are that politicians, diplomats and the business elite patronize the hotels.

Gen. Owoye Azazi, in a statement released by the National Security Adviser (NSA), said that the publication has the attention of the Federal Government, yet dismissed it as “eliciting unhealthy public anxiety and generating avoidable tension”. He went on to say that threat of attacks on hotels in Abuja is not new and precautionary measures had already been in place.

Azazi also blamed information about likely attacks on the Internet, claiming, “Nigerians always use our various security challenges as instruments to frighten or create unnecessary fear and panic within the society.”

Meanwhile, nine suspects have been arrested in connection with recent bombings in Yobe State. The Joint Task Force (JTF) arrested the suspects in Gujba State. No fewer than 200 people are believed to been killed in coordinated attacks on the cities of Damaturu and Potiskum.

Speaking with TMV, director of the Yobe State Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Idi Garba expressed great concern over the attacks, claiming, “security needs to be strengthened. People are leaving the state because they no longer have faith in the security arrangement. We are calling on the Federal Government and the state government to provide more security.”

An undisclosed source told TMV that there is now evidence of Boko Haram operating from and collaborating with neighboring countries having ties to al-Qaeda, although preliminary investigations into such matters has yet to begin.

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