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A TMV Editorial

Boko Haram, the December 7th Kaduna Bombing, Plateau conflict, Sharia Banking and the recent move by Sanunsi to drag Nigeria into the International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation all have one thing in common: a drive by the Islamic North to impose its will and dominate Nigeria.

The net result of all the above is other Nigerians are questioning their marriage with the Hausa North. Even the Middle Belt is reverting to its indigenous identity, divorcing itself from any association with Northern Nigeria.

The refusal of the Sultan to categorically condemn the Islamic violence on other Nigerians is further fueling suspicion that a grand and fowl plan is at play. Regardless, this unfounded aggression, which more than appears to be a plan to control Nigeria via Islam is producing the opposite result—prying the Hausa North apart from the rest of Nigeria.

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